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The NFT collection nobody is waiting for.

Crafting and first drawings of this complex and utterly genius project started on a cloudy Monday morning in early 2022. numbers999 differentiates from other projects with the following unique features. Every NFT has a pixel ratio of 999x999, only 999 are forged out of bits and pixels. Because of the scale and difficulty of the numbers999 project, it will take exactly 999 days to finish the project. The creator will start off with almost NO knowledge of photoshop and work his way up, while the numbers rise the complexity of the creation will rise too.

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Handcrafted and extraordinarily prestigious NFT's, Every single numbers999 NFT tells a story about the designer and life in general. François dedicates 999 days of his mortal life to the composition of this colossal project, learning every day along the way till 999.

Enzo François NFT composer



These 6 are released in the past 7 days.


Random Number Generator (RNG)

Only 999 of these will ever be created.
But the team did not give up, 9 randomly selected numbers will be legendary super rare mega ultra max plus. 236,290,471,678,732,846,853,922,939



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